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Belgium: a small, but complicated country

Belgium, a small country, in the heart of Europe, at the crossroads of Latin and Germanic cultures: its history has been marked by the main developments of European history. 

Often it has played the leading role in new developments, be it in politics, economics, arts, culture or technics.
Socially, Belgium has a rich history and tradition as well. Christian Trade Unions have been key players in that social reality for more than one century. 

As a representative, active and democratic Trade union, solidarity became the ACV-CSC's trade mark, in Belgium, in Europe and internationally... 

Since the start of the Belgian state reform in 1970, 3 Communities (Flemish, French and German speaking) and 3 Regions (Flanders, Wallonia and Brussels), and their respective governments, have been established in Belgium. The Communities have authority for person related matters (culture, welfare and education), the Regions are competent for economic matters. In Flanders, the community and regional governments have merged into one government.   







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