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ACV-CSC: a representative and active trade union

It has taken over 100 years for the ACV-CSC to develop into what it is today: a trade union organisation with more than 1.7 million members, undoubtedly Belgium's largest union. 

The ACV-CSC is also considered as a strong organisation with an extensive network of more than 150 service-centers and 2750 full-time staff, allowing workers to get quality services including legal assistance, unemployment benefits, training, counselling and administrative assistance for matters related to work, social security, etc.
Part of its strength lies also with its confederal strike fund, that guarantees the independence of the ACV-CSC and its ability to undertake action when necessary and gives a concrete basis to the solidarity between its affiliated organizations.

But the ACV-CSC is first and foremost a trade union movement, with more than 80.000 activists that lead the union actions in their company, their region or local community.

The ACV-CSC is all of this and much, much more...  

ACV-CSC, a democratic trade union  

The interests of 1.7 million members are represented within the ACV-CSC through its double structure: the Trade Federations coordinating de trade union activities for those working in the same sector and the Regional Federations organizing the services for the members and coordinating general interest activities for the members on an inter-trade basis.  

The Congress is the highest decision-making body of the ACV-CSC that decides on the general programme. It is composed of 900 representatives of all organisations and meets at least every 4 years.

The General Council
is a legislative body that meets at least twice a year, decides on policy options, votes on the budget and annual accounts. It consists of representatives of the Trade Federations (2/3) and Regional Federations (1/3).

The National Committee
, composed of representatives of the Trade Federations, Regional Federations and the Confederation, decides on ACV-CSC positions on current matters and meets once a month.

The National Executive Board
composed of representatives of the Trade Federations, Provincial Federations, Regional Committees and the Confederation, runs the ACV-CSC, according to the decisions of Congress, General Council or National Committee and meets 2-3 times a month.

The Daily Board
, is responsible for the daily management and is composed of the President, Secretary General, National Secretaries and a Counsellor. 

Following the state reform, regional and community committees were established in 1978 within the ACV-CSC. They deal with matters of regional and community competence. Following the political structures, the regional and community matters for Flanders are dealt with by one single body. 

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