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ACV-CSC, solidarity at work in the world

The ACV-CSC is member of the International Trade Union Confederatin (; luc Cortbeeck is the vice-president of ITUC.

The ACV-CSC gives the outmost importance to the work of the International Labour Organisation. For many years, the CSC President has taken up responsibility as spokesperson of the Workers-group and Vice-President of the Committee on the Application of Standards at the International Labour Conference.  

The ACV-CSC is also active as Vice-President in the Trade Union Advisory Committee (TUAC), of the OECD. 

Through World Solidarity, the solidarity agency of the Christian Workers Movement in Belgium, the ACV-CSC supports trade union organisations and social movements around the world.  

The ACV-CSC is an important partner in Social Alert, a network set up in 1997 by trade unions, youth organizations, social movements, human rights organisations and NGO's throughout the world. Social Alert wants to react promptly in the international context against the violation of workers' economic and social rights. 

The Institute for International Workers Education (IIWE) assists the ACV-CSC in its educational visits and runs its training programmes with trade unionists from Southern countries and from Central and Eastern Europe. 

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